Friday, November 11, 2011

DIY Love Card Deck

My boyfriend's birthday is next friday and I do not have him anything yet. As a college student, money is not abundant, thus I have been looking up cheap but sentimental gifts. I love the idea of making a personalized card deck with 52 things you love about whoever you are making the card deck for.

Price: >$5
Time: 2 hours
Level: Easy 
Mess: None
List: Deck of Cards
        Pictures (optional)

The steps:
1. Write 52 things you love about the other person. Think about trips, events, pets, gifts, characteristics, of your time together. 
2. I used the fine tip of a sharpie to write directly on the cards. Other tutorials stick something onto the card, but I liked the idea of writing on it so we can still use the cards.
3. Make sure you have all 52 cards.
4. Here are a few things I wrote on the cards, feel free to steal my witty sayings on the queen of hearts, and suicide king.  
5. I printed out small photos and taped them onto the box to give a more personal touch. 

Happy DIYing,
Madison Broadway