Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wreath Card Holder

My mom has always had trouble finding somewhere to put all of the Christmas cards, so when I saw this wreath I knew it would be a perfect addition to our home during the holidays. 

Price: >$5
Time: 1-2 Hours (Depending on Creativity) 
Level: Easy (Trace, Cut, Glue, Done)
Mess: Nothing Major, just a little glue and paper scrap
List: Cardboard
        Large Circle to Trace
        Scissors or Shears  
        Watered Down Glue
        Brush to Spread Glue
        Tissue Paper
        Clothes Pins
        Additional Decorations

The Steps:
1. Trace large circle onto cardboard, I used the top of a Tupperware container. 
2. Cut along your line. I used hefty shears. 
3. Admire your circle.
4. Get your watered down glue ready. More glue than water and shake shake shake. 
5. Squeeze glue on cardboard circle. 
6. Spread out the glue...
7. ...evenly.
8. Using tissue paper of choice lay it down on the glue and attempt to get the wrinkles out. 
9. Tape the tissue paper against the back so you do not have a raw edge on the sides. 
10. You will probably have to cut slits so it lays flatter. 
11. Make sure nothing is sticking up. 
12. Poke a hole and tie a string through it to hang it up with. 
13. Hot glue decorations and snowfakes or clothespins to hold the cards. 
14. Another example with clothes pins I made, I crinkled the paper too. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

DIY Love Card Deck

My boyfriend's birthday is next friday and I do not have him anything yet. As a college student, money is not abundant, thus I have been looking up cheap but sentimental gifts. I love the idea of making a personalized card deck with 52 things you love about whoever you are making the card deck for.

Price: >$5
Time: 2 hours
Level: Easy 
Mess: None
List: Deck of Cards
        Pictures (optional)

The steps:
1. Write 52 things you love about the other person. Think about trips, events, pets, gifts, characteristics, of your time together. 
2. I used the fine tip of a sharpie to write directly on the cards. Other tutorials stick something onto the card, but I liked the idea of writing on it so we can still use the cards.
3. Make sure you have all 52 cards.
4. Here are a few things I wrote on the cards, feel free to steal my witty sayings on the queen of hearts, and suicide king.  
5. I printed out small photos and taped them onto the box to give a more personal touch. 

Happy DIYing,
Madison Broadway